RV Security Tips

RV Security Tips

As a locksmith company with many years of experience in the industry, we’ve have seen an increased improvement in Recreational-Vehicles ( RVs ) security matters in recent years. With the rising of their popularity comes an unfortunate increase in break-ins and thefts, leading many owners to seek better security solutions. We’re here to help you,and share our top RV security tips for keeping your RV safe.

The joy of traveling cross country in an RV is an unparalleled out of this world feeling. The freedom to decide your route and timing is thrilling and exciting, but it comes with its some risks as well. RVs often lack proper security measures, making them attractive targets for thieves.
Here are some of our useful tip to stop those potential robbers.

Upgrad Your Locking Systems!

RVs, with their accessible doors and windows, are an easy targets, therefore we recommend regular lock check-ups routine, and lock replacements if required. It is widely known that many RV manufacturers are using the same locks for storage compartments and doors, it’s recommended to change your locks for unique ones for maximum security. A consultation with a professional locksmith can help you understand your options.

Strategies to Avoid Break-Ins

Don’t leave priceless possessions, such as jewelry, personal documents, cash, and credit cards in your RV.

While this might be challenging if you’re on a long journey, it’s crucial to make sure that your valuable items are not visible If you still decide to leave them in the RV.

When stopping for errands such as refueling, visiting an ATM, the post office, or a grocery store, park your RV in a well-lit area preferably under surveillance cameras. Even for quick stops, always make sure that the doors and windows are locked, and try to keep an eye on your RV.

Always plan your RV park stops at reputable places. You’ll meet many fellow travelers during your journey, so take their advice about the right places to stay over for the nights .

An alarm system installed in your RV is always a good way to prevent break-ins and theft.

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Safety Tips for Preventing Theft of Your RV

When you’re not able to keep an eye on your RV, it’s best to take preventive measures against its potential theft. Apply a wheel clamp to immobilize the RV and restrict its movement. You can also purchase a steering wheel lock for added security. Install a tracking device, so that if it is stolen, the police will able to track it down quickly. Install a CCTV system and a defecated smartphone app to monitor your RV surrounding at any time and from any place.

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