What’s The Dfference Between Transponder And Non-Transponder Car Key?

High security protection is an essential element of any car, regardless of its age or make. In recent years, technological advancements in car security have seen the introduction of transponder car keys – but what’s the difference between them and non-transponder car keys?

What Exactly Is A Transponder Chip?

A transponder car key, first invented in 1986, has become standard for all cars after 2000. This type of key works by having an embedded chip inside the key which is connecting with your vehicle’s computer by using Radio Frequency technology. This chip creates a signal which is unique and must matching the signal within your car’s computer for ignition to occur. As such, these provide advanced protection against unauthorized entry and theft attempts.

And Non Transponder Key

Non-transponder car keys are those found on models manufactured before 2000 and are generally considered less secure than their transponder counterparts. Without a transponder chip, hot wiring and fake made keys may be effective due to lack of security measures in place.

How Does It Work?

When you are close enough to your car, your transponder key sends a radio signal to your car’s antenna of immobilizer system. Your immobilizer then sends its own unique code back to the vehicle’s computer system which shut down the system when both codes match – allowing ignition to occur as normal. If there’s a problem with the code not matching up correctly then your engine will not turn over – providing extra peace of mind and added security benefits against theft attempts.

Which One Will Start My Car?

Car key without chip can theoretically allow someone access into your vehicle however it won’t enable them to actually start it up due to its lack of immobilizer system compatibility. Most modern cars now feature an immobilizer anti-theft device so older non-transporting models would need to have this added as an aftermarket upgrade in order to benefit from this protection feature.

How Do I Tell If My Key Has a Transponder?

Ever wondered whether your key has a chip, the answer lies inside the cap. This cap normally contains a small chip which receives the signal that is sent to your vehicle’s computer system. It is easy to identify this chip as it is much smaller than other components of the key.

How Do I Know If My Transponder Key Is Working?

A transponder key works to protect your vehicle from being stolen, however, it can be inclined to problems if gets malfunction. This could be because of problem with the transponder or because of not being correctly synced with the immobilizer. There are several signs that may indicate a problem with your key:

You Can Not Start Your Vehicle

Sometimes, the ignition antenna within your car no longer recognizes your key, meaning that it will not register its code and deactivate your immobilizer. In this instance, you will find yourself unable to start or drive away in your car.

Lock Issues

In some vehicles, both the locks and immobilizer are linked to one another via a transponder code. If a problem with this code arise or your key is not recognized, you may find that unlocking and starting the vehicle becomes impossible.

Emergency Signal Issues

Another sign of a malfunctioning transponder can be found in some cars where activating the alarm occurs randomly or without cause – this suggests that somebody outside of yourself is attempting to gain access into your car without permission.

How To Program A Car Key Without The Original?

If you are unable to start up or unlock your car using its original key, then it may be time for you to contact an experienced auto locksmith who can help reprogram or rekey your car key using their professional knowledge and skillset. Our mobile technicians carry an entire ‘workshop’ which contain all the necessary items needed for solving any kind of problem related to both locks and ignitions as well as programming new transponders for replacement keys. We also have dedicated devices for programming these replacement keys which allows us to ensure we match them precisely with each customer’s individual needs and requirements by obtaining their exact transponder code used by their vehicle’s model and make.

Don’t DIY!

It might appear straightforward enough to program a new transponder on YouTube tutorials but in fact there are many complexities involved – such as different makes and models from various manufacturers containing thousands of possible combinations – making it difficult for anyone without experience or specialist tools equipped successfully reprogram one themselves at home. Put simply, we highly advise leaving it up to a professional auto locksmith who has all experience required for dealing with such issues swiftly and securely every time!

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