What’s The Dfference Between Transponder And Non-Transponder Car Key?

High security protection is an important element for any car, in the last years technological advancements in car security have seen like transponder car keys but what’s the difference between them?

What Exactly Is A Transponder Chip?

The transponder car key was first made in late 80′ and has become standard for all cars in late 90′. This type of key working by chip inside the key that connecting with your car computer and using Radio Frequency. This chip creates a unique signal that must match the signal with your car computer so the ignition can start. These provide protection against theft.

Non Transponder Key

Non transponder key made on all cars before 1990′ and they less secure from the transponder key. non transponder key made from metal and without the plastic cover on the top of the key.

How Does It Work?

When you are close enough to your car the transponder key sends a radio signal to your car antenna. then sends unique code back to the car computer and shut down the system when both codes match and allowing the ignition to start the car. 

If there’s a problem with the code and its not matching up correctly then your car engine will not start.

How Do I know If My Key Has a Transponder Chip?

The answer is inside the plastic cover on the head of your key. This cover normally contains a small chip inside.

How Do I Know If My Transponder Key Is Working?

A transponder key works and protect your car from being stolen but it can stop working over time because of not being correctly synced with the car computer. 

There is a main sign that may indicate a problem with your key like the car not starting.

What Do I Do To Program A Transponder Key Without The Original?

If you are unable to start your car with the original key then it may be the time for you to contact an auto locksmith service who can help you reprogram your car key by using their professional knowledge.

Don’t Do it Yourself!

On YouTube there is many video tutorials but in the real life there are many complexities involved like different type of car and models and it will be difficult for you without experience and the right tools to successfully reprogram the key.

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