7 Different Car Key Types

Car keys come in different types and have changed a lot since they were jusy a  simple metal piece with several cuts. Today’s car key takes the form of a transponder chip and laser cuts. To be precise there are a total of seven types of car keys, let’s have a look at them one by one.

Metal keys

The most commn car key for a long time and it is still worjing in some older cars. These types of keys are now mostly seen as home keys. The use of simple metal keys has been discontinued in modern cars due to their low reliability in safety. 

Remote and key    

As the name suggests this car key combines a remote control and an integrated key. You will find this keys in most of the cars running on the road. 

Tibbe keys

These are special keys based on a specific key code that available in only Ford and Jaguar car makes. Introduced by Ford in 1982 the tibbe keys are high security keys that cannot be duplicated by anyone except the dealership.

Programmable remotes

These are one step ahead of the remote and a key type. Programmable remotes are mostly called self programmable and they aren’t actual keys. They are simply a set of buttons that are programmed for different functions for example to lock and unlock your car, set the alarm off or open the trunk. These remotes can be programmed or duplicated by a professional car locksmiths or any car dealer.

Transponder keys

Like remote transponder keys are also commonly used keys these days, introduced in 1990s and are similar to metal keys embeded with an electronic chip installed in the key handle helping it to communicate with the car compuiter. This happens when you insert the key to turn on the ignition the car’s immobilizer responds to the code from the chip inside the key.

Proximity FOBs

This is a new method of entering a car and getting it started. A proximity fob is a keyless car entry and ignition system which works within acceptable proximity to the car. When you reach within the required distance the car detects your fob presence and opens the door for you. This was introduced in the year of 1998 by Mercedes-Benz.

Laser cut keys

These keys are similar to the traditional transponder keys with an extra layer of security installed in them. These keys require extreme precision to the cut by a locksmith. It is important to have deep knowledge in order to cut and program these  keys to match the exact requirements.  

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