6 Ways To Maintain Your Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are a crucial part of any building’s security and safety, which is why it is important at all time to ensure that they are well-maintained. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your doors, as well as prevent potential chaos caused by malfunctioning doors. Here are 6 ways to maintain your commercial doors:

Keep the Joints Lubricated

It is essential to keep the door joints lubricated in order to help increase their lifespan. Metal joints can begin to squeak after some time due to wear and tear. The best way to prevent this from happening is by lubricating them regularly with a mild solution or oil. Additionally, make sure to check them for corrosion and rust, as these can also weaken the structure of the door over time if left unchecked.

Adjust the Door Well

The door should open and close smoothly without making any squeaking noises. This can be checked by testing out how easily visitors or customers can open it, since they should be able to do so with minimal effort. If any parts of the door appear too tight or loose, get them adjusted accordingly so as not to cause further damage or inconvenience.

Ensure All Parts Fit Well

Over time, parts such as hinges and frames may come loose due to regular use. It is important to inspect all components of your commercial door regularly in order to ensure that everything fits together properly. This will help you identify any issues before they get worse and have costly repairs done on them instead.

Clean It Regularly

It is important not only to clean your doors every day but also doing so using the right materials – namely a microfiber cloth and mild cleaner – in order for it not just look clean but be free from dust particles which could potentially damage its surface over time if left unchecked. Alternatively, you could consult an expert on furniture cleaning for more specific advice on how best to care for your commercial door’s surface.

Keep the Locks Lubricated

Similarly for locks, lubrication will help reduce wear and tear from frequent opening/closing actions which could lead otherwise lead to corrosion or rusting over time if left unchecked, consequently making it difficult or even impossible at times for people (including yourself) open or close them properly without risk of further damage being done on them in doing so . It’s therefore important that you lubricate your locks periodically with either oil or another mild solution recommended by a professional locksmith in order keep them functioning correctly at all times .

Keep Away From Obstacles

Make sure nothing comes between the path of your commercial door when opened/closed; specifically that there are no objects such as stoppers lying around nearby which could impair its movement when operated (aside from anything else it would certainly look very unprofessional!). In addition if ever you find that an automatic revolving system has stopped responding , then definitely get that fixed immediately rather than relying upon makeshift solutions such as these mentioned above .

3 Main Benefits Of Regular Commercial Door Maintenance:

Increased Safety

Malfunctioning doors pose an obvious threat both in terms of security and safety, regular maintenance helps identify these potential problems quickly so they can be addressed before they become hazardous; thus ensuring peace mind knowing that you won’t have anything worry about regarding this regard , thereby decreasing likelihood of having any unexpected surprises down line .

Cost Savings

Investing in regular maintenance will save money comparison investing in a new door installation or buying replacements those already existing ones, many companies even outsource maintenance fixtures other third party companies make responsible repairing replacing worn out old ones .

Prevents Potential Chaos

Malfunctioning makes hard impossible work long term basis ; thus preventing potential chaos causes could potentially arise due paralysis closed broken systems, instead opting fixing issue initial stages itself (which cheaper compared costing dealing replacements later stages ) goes long way ensuring smooth operations run effectively efficiently .

Overall, regular maintenance of commercial doors is essential to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. The above 6 steps should help you maintain your commercial doors in a way that will prevent costly repairs or replacements down the line. With proper care and attention,you can expect your commercial door to function properly for many years to come.

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