Ten Tips For Safe And Secure Living In Apartments

Keep Your Apartment Safe

Apartment living provides renters with a convenient, affordable alternative to the hassle and work involved in owning a home. Apartments can be frequent targets of thieves however, who use traffic in and out of apartment complexes as a cover for their activities. Learning how to safeguard your home from burglars will help keep you and your property safe from harm.


Protecting Your Apartment From Burglary

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a burglary happens about every 15.4 seconds in the U.S. Apartment burglaries happen most often during the day when the target’s resident is out of the apartment at school or work. July and August have been found to be the riskiest month for burglaries, as many people are away from home on vacation, thereby creating tempting targets for thieves. FBI statistics say that most burglaries are perpetrated by means of forcible entry – that is using a hammer, crowbar or similar tool to force a lock open.


If you’d Like to Make Your Home a Little safer From Break-ins, Follow The Tips:

1) If your apartment doesn’t have a deadbolt, consult with the property manager to see if you can have a deadbolt installed. Deadbolt locks, used with traditional locks, can greatly diminish your chance of being burglarized.

2) Make sure that your doorjamb and strike plate are strong enough to withstand kicks from potential burglars. If your doorjamb and strike plate are weak, request that your landlord install new ones.

3) Avoid putting your apartment number on your keys. If your keys become lost or stolen, having the number on them tells a potential burglar exactly where to go.

4) If you’re moving into a new apartment, make sure your landlord re-keys the unit to keep former tenants from breaking in to your home.

5) If you go on vacation, try to have your neighbors keep an eye on your residence while you’re gone. Request that they report any suspicious activity to police or property management.

6) Make sure the entrance to your apartment is well lit. Burglars targeting apartments typically prefer to work in dark areas where their activities are less likely to draw attention.

7) Be sure to always use your peephole to ascertain the identity of your visitors before opening your door.

8) Consider leaving a radio or television on when you’re not at home to make the residence look occupied.

9) If you live on the second floor or higher of your apartment complex and have a balcony, be sure to lock your balcony door. Burglars have been known to climb to apartment balconies and let themselves in through unlocked balcony doors.

10) Be sure to invest in renter’s insurance. If you’re not insured, you won’t be compensated for losses if your apartment is burglarized or is damaged by events such as fire, severe weather or structural failure. Renter’s insurance will help you get back on your feet and replace lost items should your apartment be burglarized or suffer damage. It’s fairly affordable and a good investment to make, particularly if you have expensive electronic equipment or tools you store in your apartment.

By taking a few safety precautions steps, you too can improve your personal the security of your apatment.
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