4 Strategies For Safeguarding Your Sliding Doors Against Intruders

Sliding glass doors are common feature in new homes across the USA, it’s a beautiful way to welcome sunlight into your residence. However, they also pose a significant security threat, as they are a weak link in your security, and a potential quick entry point for burglars.

Why are Sliding Doors a Weak Point?

Sliding doors often rely on latches, not on locks, making them an easy target for criminals. In order to open it they need to lift it up off its own track, no tools required only technique, or by throwing a brick through the glass.

Here are 4 strategies to help you avoid these vulnerable entry points:

Implement Blocking Bars

Inserting a metal or wooden bar along the bottom track of your sliding door is a simple, but still an effective measure. Even if an intruder manages to compromise the door latch, the physical barrier prevents the door from being pushed aside. The bar should be of sufficient length, preventing the door from opening.

Deploy a Security Pin

A security pin can determined burglars from lifting up your door. Securely close your sliding door and drill a hole through the frame and into the frame of the fixed door. Be careful, do not drill all the way through. Now, insert a stainless steel pin to secure the two doors together. Make sure that your track and door rollers are in good condition.

Install Shatterproof Film

Improve your security while preserving your landscape by applying a shatterproof film to your sliding glass doors. This film prevents burglars from breaking the glass. You can choose from transparent or tinted film, both are effectively repel flying objects and can safeguard your home during hurricanes.

Invest in a Monitored Alarm System

No security measure is 100% impenetrable. Therefore, considering installing a monitored home security systems, glass break sensors are a wise choice as well.

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