Can I Replace A Car Key Without Having The Original?

Losing your car key or even breaking it inside the ignition can be a stressful and uncomfortable situation and it can be quite challenging if you don’t have a spare key. There’s no need to panic, you can get a car key replacement even if you don’t have the original.

What Type of Replacement Key Will You Need?

Once you have find your self stuck in a situation where you need a new key made the first thing is to identify the type of the required key. If your car is under the year 1981 you might just need the basic metal key cut.

Cars from  the recent years have a transponder key which comes with a programmed chip in it that act as safety feature. This specific key wont start the car unless it has the correct programming.

The third type is a Key Fob, this key operates a bit different and it doesn’t need to be turned in the ignition like traditional car keys.

Don’t Have the Original Key?

Even if you’ve lost your original key it is still possible to get a replacement. You have the option to go to the dealership and get a replacement but it can be very expensive especially if your car need to be towed.

A much better option and cheaper is to call a locksmith company to get your car key made at your location for 50% less. When contacting a locksmith there is certain information that you must provide in order to get a replacement.

What Information Will Your Locksmith Require?

To replace your key you must provide important details like the make, the year and the model. Also validating your ownership is required for the locksmith to start working on your car. It is very important to keep your car registration handy. VIN Number (‘Vehicle Identification Number’) is also essential.

The VIN is located on the driver side dashboard on a small plate. Your key ID number is usually printed in the car manual. If your key has been stolen inform your locksmith so he could reprogram a new one.

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