4 Ways To Identify Your Keys and Locks

For those who require assistance in identifying their keys and locks, this page offers a step-by-step guide. With the help of images to aid in identification, it is easy to determine which type of key and lock should be used for a particular purpose.

Name of the Key or Lock

The most common residential locks and keys are Kwikset and Schlage, both of which may be stamped with their full name on the head of the key or face of the lock.

Name Abbreviation

These two brands may also be abbreviated as “KW” for Kwikset, and “SC” for Schlage. Additionally, each has its own unique keyway – KW1 for Kwikset and SC1 for Schlage – which can usually be found stamped on its respective key.

Name on the Lock Latch

The edge of a door on its latch provides a great source for finding out the brand name; simply look there for a mentionable indication.

Key Head Shape

To further distinguish between brands, each Kwikset and Schlage key will have its own specific shape that can easily be identified even without any other branding information.

Overall, there are four main methods available to identify your keys and locks – determining the name, abbreviation, what is written on the lock latch, as well as what shape its head takes. By knowing these details it becomes much simpler to ascertain what kind of solution would best suit your needs when it comes to security measures or replacement parts.

Schlage key & lock

Schlage key & lock

kwikset key & lock

kwikset key & lock

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