Kwikset Smart Key

Kwikset Smart Key Security Lock

If are looking for quality, easy,modern and new lock sets without spending an arm and a leg, Kwikset Smart Key is probably your answer. With Kwikset Smart Key lockset installed, you easily can rekey the lock within few seconds. Well, the Smart Key lived up to its promise. During the installation process, you can just purchased Kwikset Smart Key lock at Home Depot, installed it, and re-keyed it in under a minute.

Kwikset Smart Key was one of the first on the market and looks and operates exactly the same as traditional cylinders. The only sign that it is a SmartKey lock is the small hole at the 10 o’clock position on the cylinder. The Kwikset smartkey lock it’s very hard to beat and bump so that going to give more security to your family.

Why do I Need to Rekey a Lock?

There is a few reasons why do you need to rekey a lock 

  1. If one of the family member lost his key.
  2. If you have a few doors in your house and you make all of them on same key.
  3. If you just get into a new apartment you don’t want the old tenant have the key to your apartment.

How to Rekey a Kwikset Smart Key Security Lock?

kwikset smart key rekey tool

This is the instructions to rekey the Smart Key lock:

  1. Insert a current working key and turn 90 degrees clockwise.
  2. Insert the “change key tool” into the hole in the front of the cylinder (a small paperclip may also work). You will hear a slight click.
  3. Remove the working key from the lock (do not turn it).
  4. Insert a new Kwikset cut key into the lock.
  5. Turn the new key back to the home position and remove.

Where To Buy Kwikset Smart Key Security Lock?

You can buy Kwikset smart key lock at any Home Depot or Lows stores in your neighborhood but you also can find online on websites like Amazon or Ebay probably you going to find over there better prices so we are really recommend to check those website before.

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