Master Key System At Home

Is your home truly safe?

Keeping your home safe is not an easy task. There are some factors such as the duration your home is unattended, the neighborhood environment, and your current security measures, that come into play. One way to improve your home security is by implementing a master key system.

How does A Master Key System Work?

The concept of a master key system is quite simple. A single key is designed to work with multiple locks. A common solution among businesses wishing to upgrade their outdated locking system and maintain strict control on access to their premises. However, a master key system is not only for commercial usage, homeowners can also enjoy the benefits of this system. Implementing a master key system at your home is a significant decision, so here’s a list of pros and cons to guide you in making an informed choice.

Advantages of Implementing Master Key Systems at Home

Reduction in key count

Instead of carrying around several keys for different doors in your home (front door, back door, garage, etc.), you can have only one to operate all locks.

Saving time in emergencies

Ever needed to rush out but had trouble finding the right key? With a master key system it wont happen again.

Multiple-door access

Whether your usual entry point is locked the master key system allows entry through any door without the need for a separate key

Key control within the family

The master key system allows for improved control over home access, as there are fewer keys available to possibly misuse.

Disadvantages of Master Key Systems at Home

Adjustment period

Switching to a master key system requires an adjustment period during which you will have to get used to carrying fewer keys and using a single key for several doors.

Possible security threat

If the master key gets lost or stolen, it could potentially lead intruders access unwanted parts of your home. However, this risk can be slighted if you will properly keep your master key safe, and consider to implement a dependable security features such as alarms, cameras, etc.

While no security system can give an absolute guarantee against potential threats, taking all possible preventative measures can significantly minimize your risk.
For the installation of master key systems, it is highly recommended to collaborate with a 
professional locksmith. They are well familiar with the master key system and will implement it in the most possible best way.

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