How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Locksmith

Beware to Not Get Scammed by a Locksmith

There have been many cases of homeowners being victims of scams perpetrated by a locksmith. When we say scam we mean being ripped off like paying more for what was earlier agreed on. One reason why people continue to be victimized is likely because they are unprepared. Most people often call a locksmith when the need arises.

For example you typically called locksmith when you locked out of your house. If you are serious however about not being a victim then you should be prepared and already chosen the company that you will want to help you. even if it is an emergency locksmith service, you still feel safe.

In the locksmith industry it seems that a number of frauds and scams that victimize customers have started to crop up. Despite the many advice articles on how to choose a correct locksmith, people still become victims. This is probably due to the fact that the scammers themselves are also adapting to the ever changing scene.


Make Sure You Know The Exact Name For The Company You Called

One advice being given for example is to look at a company name and check its legitimacy. Those who want to scam people are also becoming wiser. One method currently being applied is to have a name that is very similar to a locksmith company that have been in the business for quite some time. Some are even using the location as part of their company name to give it a sense of being in the business for a long time. Take for example a name like Illinois 24 Hour Locksmith. An unsuspecting customer may be led to believe that said company has been operating in the state for many years.

Some companies have taken it up a notch and even used the name of a legitimate locksmith company. However instead of operating in the same state they operate on another. Thus when you check a company’s website make sure to try and go through all the pages. If you just view the home page then you may not know that the address is from another area. If this happens this is bad not just for you but for the real company as well as they will be the ones that will be complained on. There is even a story of a locksmith company who were told that the work done in a school were by people from their company. The face employees even signed in behalf of the company. Another technique that they do is to claim to be another professional locksmith as well. Can you just imagine what it feels when you receive a complaint about something that you have idea occurred?


Don’t Believe a $15 Locksmith Service

Even with the new methods though there are still scammers that continue to rely on the old ones simply because they continue to work. The best remains to be offering a low initial price then putting in extra costs. Let’s suppose you left your keys in the car and the door is locked. You call a car locksmith not knowing it is a scam in the first place. What typically happens is that the person on the other will offer to work on it for $15. They will then say that it is $15 plus labor and the labor is about $30 and above. Once you agree to this then you have just been a victim of a scam. This is what is commonly known as a bait-and-switch and surprisingly it is not actually illegal.

As people will become more aware of scams and their methods, those who practice will continue as well to find new ways of doing it. The best way to avoid experiencing a locksmith scam is too always be alert and of course to practice due diligence.

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12 Ways to Avoid Being Scammed by a Locksmith


1) Always make sure that they have a working address. Confirm it using the internet or if you have time go to their office.


2) Learn more about them like if they have licenses or the registered name of their business. Also get an idea on how much they charge for a particular service. Remember that in most cases the lower the charge, the higher the possibility of it being a scam.


3) If you call them and they give you a generic name then be wary. If it is a legitimate business then they should always mention their company name and not something as Denver Locksmith or some other similar name.


4) Always ask for identification and certification. In addition also ask for a written estimate before engaging their services.


5) Ask how much they charge for special situations like being called to work on emergency situations.


6) Look at the vehicle of the locksmith. It should have the company name or logo. Don’t forget to write down the license number.


7) With regards to certification, ask the technician if he has a locksmith license. If you are living in these particular states like Alabama, California, Illinois, and New Jersey, to name a few, they require a professional license.


8) If the technician insists on receiving cash then it can be sign that it is in fact a scam.


9) If the technician does not want to give you a written and signed estimate then cancel the job immediately.


10) If there is a discrepancy between the estimate given on the phone and the one onsite ask why there is a difference. If you are not satisfied with the explanation then don’t allow the work to proceed.


11) If the locksmith insists on other actions other than what was agreed upon then as will the previous choice, cancel the work.


12) Finally if you remain unsatisfied with the work then do not pay the technician. If he complains inform him that you will be taking it up with the company.



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