How To Make The Same Key For Multiple Locks?

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One Key for Many Locks.

Managing different keys for every door of your commercial establishment can be complected and overwhelming. From duplicating lost keys to tracking copies given to employees or tenants, the task is quite exhausting and daunting. But, there is a solution – a single key that can control multiple locks within your building. Let’s find out how the two key management solutions can help you use one key for multiple locks.

The Master Key System

A technological marvel innovation is the master key system. This system simplifies and enhances your security system by allowing a single key to operate multiple locks.

By establishing different access levels for different areas in your building, the master key system gives you better control in a way that each lock can be operated by more than one key.

Master key system has three levels of access control, master key, sub master key, maintenance key.

Master Key

A primary key that can unlock all the locks in a master key system. Business owners, managers, and cleaning staff can have copies of this key to access any door within the building. If your building is divided into different floors or sections, you can give the same key to specific individuals to unlock any door on a floor, while each door retains its unique key.

Sub Master Key

Assigned to office employees to unlock their office doors and gain access to other areas they are authorized to enter.

Maintenance Key

Provided to staff members to access communal areas within the premises, like the kitchen, telephone room, or wellness room.

Rekeying: A Cost-effective Solution

If your locks are in a good condition you don’t need to replace them, but you will have to rekey them!

Lock rekey is a process of changing the pins inside locks so that all the locks can work with a single key. However, your all locks should all be of the same brand, model, and with the same number of pins.

A Solution for Many Problems!

Managing different keys for multiple locks is definitely a challenging task. It will decrease the number of traditional keys required to manage a facility. With a master key, you can go to your daily activities without time-consuming hassles such as searching for the correct key all the time.

Rekey & Master Key Specialists

Tired of dealing with a different key for each door? We can definitely help you with our ‘Master Key’ services. Our professional locksmith technicians can handle the most latest high-security locks and access control systems in the market.

Whether you wish to rekey a single lock or establish a comprehensive master key system, our experienced technicians can provide a customized solution. We are an informed choice for property owners for any locksmith needs.

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