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How Much Duplicate Car Key Cost?

How Much Duplicate Car Key Cost?

The technology for car keys has advanced and so does the cost of duplicate car keys. Many things are to be considered to estimate the cost of car key duplication like transponders, chips, laser technologies, and other diagnostic tools that are used in the lock system. 

Average Price For Car key Duplicate

Regular car keys are no longer can be duplicate around $20 from your local locksmith store.

The chip keys should be programmed with the diagnostic tools so the key can work accordingly. Prices for chip keys can vary widely but usually cost an average of around $220 with programming.

Remote keys, however, can cost you a little bit extra making the average amount of approx $350. Some smart keys with more functions can cost you even higher than that, depending upon the complexity of the functions.

At Locksmith Near Me Inc, we provide you the discounted prices with guaranteed high-quality services. You can visit our car keys page or can call us for more details or free quotes and our staff will guide you through the process.

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